Knowledge organisers

Here are some knowledge organisers that I’ve created. They’re either in Powerpoint or Word format, so you can edit them to suit your purposes.

Mad t-shirt

I’ve written about Mad t-shirt in the main part of the blog. It’s an attempt to create a cohesive approach across KS3-5 that links terminology to the appropriate musical dimension. There are versions of it here for KS3, KS4 (geared towards the OCR syllabus) and KS5 (AQA). I didn’t come up with Mad t-shirt myself – I stumbled across it online. (thank you to whoever it was that created the original version that I’ve based these on) There are other variants of it that do similar things.

Mad Tshirt for KS3

Mad Tshirt with full definitions

Mad T Shirt KS4

Mad T Shirt A level

KS3 knowledge organisers

These go with what we do in Year 7 and Year 8. I need to do some Year 9 ones too, and will do at some point.

1 essential knowledge

2 rhythm notation

3 pitch notation

4 a cappella

5 blues

6 Hamilton

OCR GCSE knowledge organisers

Knowledge organiser AoS2 Concerto Through Time

Knowledge organiser AoS4 yes

AoS5 Conventions of Pop knowledge organiser

My colleague did the AoS3 ones, so I don’t have these I’m afraid!

AQA A level knowledge organisers

Area of Study 1 Baroque concerto knowledge organiser

Area of Study 1 Mozart operas knowledge organiser