Director of Music and SLE at Hayes School, Bromley, Musical Futures Champion Teacher, and contributor to Music Teacher magazine. Co-author of Teaching Music: Practical Strategies for KS3 and the award-winning Being a Head of Music: A Survival Guide (see www.musichod.com). Singer, A-level moderator and accidental ukulele evangelist.



See also www.hayesmusic.blog

Music teacher Jane Werry



  1. Hi,
    Sorry to bother you, I wonder could you give me a bit of advice? I have great difficulty in building up extra curricular activities in our school. It’s an all ability secondary school in Northern Ireland, and it’s difficult trying to build up numbers with our choir. I’ve been running singing work during every lesson this year and slowly but surely were making headway. I’d really appreciate any tips and advice. Would you recommend that I contact the music inspector for Northern Ireland in order to receive some tips and advice? Your expertise would be so much appreciated Jane. 🎻🎶😊


    1. Hi Michelle, so sorry, I’ve only just seen this! I would very much recommend some kind of special event for your singers – a trip to sing somewhere special, perhaps. Or a school event that they could sing at. Have you got enough singers already to stage a flash mob one break time? Best of luck and let me know how it goes!


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