Dual coding and direct instruction in KS3 music

I thought I would share a video I’ve made for my trainee teachers about how to present musical information to KS3 classes. (Apologies, by the way, for the sound quality – it’s the best I could achieve quickly on Loom, and I plan to re-do it when I have time and a better way of doing it!)

Some of my lockdown reading has been Olivier Caviglioli’s excellent book on dual coding theory, and the brilliant Sherrington/Caviglioli Teaching Walkthrus. I was also inspired by Steven Berryman’s blog post here. Creating resources is one of my favourite parts of teaching, and I’ve always been interested in the best ways to use visuals to help explain musical concepts.

A lot of the material in the video is from Little Kids Rock – the quantity and quality of the free resources on their website is mindboggling. If you’ve got time on your hands you could do a lot worse than spending a day looking through it. The two enormous workshop powerpoints, and the teacher manual, are just brilliant. And that’s before you even start looking at the song bank – I would recommend the scaffolding videos in particular.

I’ll be posting in the next few days with a whole bunch of GCSE flipped learning/revision videos that I’m in the process of making. Hopefully these might be useful in setting remote learning tasks.



  1. Absolutely loving your new flipped learning videos – thank you so much for sharing everything. Also just been reading about how you use Explain Everything to make your tutorials – so I’m off to go and have a go now!


    1. Hi Sharon, thanks so much for your comments! More recently I’ve been using Loom to make videos for my students. But mostly they’re based on PowerPoints combined with audio I’ve put together in GarageBand. I’m so glad you’re finding the videos useful! 😁


  2. Hi Jane, this is great and thank you for the Little Kids Rock recommendation … will definitely check that out.


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